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Why EmSculpt Is So Effective

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Millions of people are familiar with the struggle against stubborn fat deposits. Sometimes, no matter how many situps or lunges you do or carbs you cut, there are areas that just don't respond. That's why non-invasive body sculpting techniques have been getting so popular in recent years. One such technique, called Emsculpt, builds muscle in addition to melting away fat. We offer best EmSculpt FDA Clearance machine. But how effective is Emsculpt?

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What Is Emsculpt?

This body sculpting treatment is a relatively new concept that uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy (or HIFEM) to cause extreme contractions in the muscles of the treated area. Right now, it's used on the abdominal muscles (belly), gluteals (butt), arms, calves, and thighs. It's particularly effective at treating women's saggy triceps (lower arms).

These contractions mimic those that muscles undergo during a strenuous workout but are in fact more intense than even the best personal trainer could coax out of someone. Each half-hour treatment provides a whopping 20,000 contractions. Imagine doing that many high-quality crunches in about thirty minutes and you’re somewhere in the ballpark of what Emsculpt can do.

This FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment will have you back on your feet immediately after it’s finished. Doctors usually recommend four treatments for optimal results, but those results are impressive. On average, people who undergo all four rounds of this treatment see a 20% reduction in fat in the treated area as well as up to a 16% boost in muscle fibers. In other words, a flatter, more toned belly or firmer, more shapely rear end.

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Why Is EmSculpt So Effective?

One reason people have stubborn fat deposits is the nature of fat itself. Fat cells are extremely tough to get rid of once they have wedged themselves into place. They largely develop over childhood and early adulthood, and the number in the body tends to stay at roughly the same level unless you work out with regularity. When people gain weight, these fat cells expand as the body stores nutrients in them. When we lose weight, the cells contract as the body uses up those nutrients.

We can get rid of these fat cells in a few ways, and Emsculpt treatments harness one of those methods and supercharge it, resulting in rapid loss of fat while also toning muscle much faster than previously possible.

1. It Works Out the Muscles

As mentioned above, undergoing one of these treatments is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches or situps. When the muscles are working that hard, they signal fat cells to release fatty free acids. Because the muscles are being worked much harder than would otherwise be possible, the amount of fatty acids released is far above the norm.

This causes the fat cells themselves to malfunction and die. This effect can happen over time with traditional exercise, but Emsculpt greatly accelerates the process, breaking down fat over the course of four treatments spread over a two-week period. With those fat cells finally gone, the stubborn fat deposits in the treated area melt away.

2. It Builds Muscle Fibers

This is where Emsculpt improves upon other body sculpting treatments: it not only breaks down fat, but strengthens and builds muscle in the process. People who undergo this treatment can expect not just flatter stomachs and/or rounder behinds, but stronger ones, too.

You may even see some definition appear in your abs over time. The one-two punch of melting away fat and building muscle makes this treatment particularly effective for those who want to see not only less fat, but better muscle definition, too.

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By now, it should be obvious why body sculpting treatments like this are becoming increasingly popular. They're non-invasive, quick, all but painless, and provide proven results. While CoolSculpting, Kybella, and other treatments work to melt away fat, Emsculpt is the only one that also builds muscle in the process. Keep in mind, however, that these can make great complementary procedures for a comprehensive body contouring treatment plan.


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