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The effect of Magnetic Slimming on fat loss

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Magnetic slim uses high intensity focused electromagnetic field technology to stimulate the nerves, which leads to continuous expansion and contraction of the autologous muscles and extreme training, allowing for deep muscle remodelling, growth of myogenic fibres (muscle enlargement) and the production of new collagen chains and muscle fibres (muscle hyperplasia), thus training and increasing muscle density and size.

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The Emsculpt fat loss process

The Emsculpt slim beauty machine use of HIFEM (Focused Magnetic Oscillation) technology, the extreme muscle contraction, can trigger a large amount of lipolysis, the breakdown of fatty acids from the triglyceride outflow, the accumulation of a large number of fat cells in the fat cells, so that the fatty acid concentration is too high, the fat cells apoptosis, within 2-4 weeks by the body's normal metabolism out of the body. This is why Emsculpt neo treatment is able to strengthen and build muscle while achieving fat loss.

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Features and benefits of Emsculpt NEO treatment

1. Works together to build muscle and burn fat.

2. Non-invasive butt lift procedure.

3. No anaesthetic and no surgery required.

4. Feels like an intensive workout

5. Safe and no downtime

6. Visible results after two to four weeks of treatment.

7. Muscle mass increases by an average of 16%

8. 19% average fat loss

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Does Magnetic Slimming have any side effects

Emsculpt slimming does not generally cause side effects. Emsculpt slimming relies on the micro magnetic field generated by the magnet to stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points to achieve the effect of slimming. The magnetic force of the general magnetic field is relatively weak, the normal tissues of the human body will not cause any impact, and will not produce side effects.

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Magnetic slim weight loss suitable for who

The Emsculpt is more suitable for people who need to gain muscle, for those who want to lose weight and want to exercise the waistline will be a good choice, and beauty salons in the choice of weight loss equipment can buy an emsculpt machine, for beauty salons to be better able to carry out weight loss projects. The Emsculpt muscle building equipment can be better for professional weight loss effect of the operation, for the beauty salon for weight loss program is still more popular.

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Emsculpt weight loss is a relatively new weight loss equipment, for beauty salons in the choice of weight loss equipment to buy an Emsculpt machine will be your better choice, and beauty salons to do weight loss project is also has been a hot project, for beauty salons weight loss project is a relatively high quality project. Emsculpt slimming weight loss offers a new method of operation, Emsculpt slimming can replace the traditional weight loss equipment. Clients who want to lose weight can get their satisfaction with the results, for beauty salons Emsculpt can be better for clients to carry out professional weight loss operations. For beauty salons Emsculpt slim can better carry out weight loss programs, in the process of operation through the magnetic slimming technology to achieve weight loss and muscle building results.


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