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  • How to care after laser hair removal treatment


    Bvlaser is a 808nm diode laser hair removal machine factory manufacturer, we have best professional laser hair removal machine in clinics sale. Laser permanent hair removal device treatment can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is currently the safest, fastest and longest-lasting hair removal technology. Below Bvlaser will introduce the details and care of medical grade laser hair removal machine treatment. Read More

  • HIFU Ultrasound machine treatment effect


    The effect of HIFU ultrasound treatment is affected by many factors, such as the site where HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound machine needs to be operated, age, personal physique and body nutrition ACME-TE-A, and the precautions ordered by the doctor before and after HIFU ultherapy. Bvlaser is a HIFU machine professional factory manufacturer, we have 4D HIFU machine for sale. Read More

  • Medical beauty CO2 fractional laser machine can remove acne marks


    If you are suffering from acne pits and acne marks, you may wish to try CO2 fractional laser equipment treatment. If acne pits are formed, any follow-up oral and topical medications will have no obvious effect, CO2 fractional laser acne scars treatment is required. Bvlaser is the best CO2 fractional laser machine factory manufacturer, we have portable CO2 fractional laser machine sale. Read More

  • What are the specific steps of laser hair removal treatment


    Laser hair removal usually uses professional laser hair removal equipment for treatment. During the treatment, the skin needs to be cleaned, the best laser hair removal device is set to appropriate parameters, and then the skin is treated. It can destroy hair follicles and gradually shrink hair follicles to achieve permanent hair removal. Bvlaser is the best diode laser hair removal device factory manufacturer, we have professional laser hair removal machines sale. Read More

  • Q-switch Nd:YAG Laser dermatology Machine treatment Pigmented Lesions


    Q switch nd yag laser tattoo removal machine is ideal for nevus of Ota, various tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, eyeliner tattoos, skin foreign body pigmentation, freckles, age spots and other pigmented lesions. Bvlaser is best ND YAG laser machine factory manufacturer, we have 1064 q switched nd yag laser for sale. If you want to know ND YAG pulsed laser price, welcome inquiry! Read More

  • Who is suitable for IPL laser machine treatment


    IPL intense pulsed light machine is a broad-spectrum visible light. IPL photorejuvenation is also based on the principle of selective photothermal action. Bvlaser is a professional IPL machine factory manufacturer, we have best IPL hair removal device for sale. If you want to know IPL laser machine price, please contact us! Facial IPL skin rejuvenation: improve dull skin, shrink pores, remove freckles, chloasma, age spots and other pigmented spots. Read More

  • Good choice of CO2 fractional laser treatment


    CO2 fractional laser machine can effectively treatment for facial fine lines, neck lines, stretch marks, acne scars, gynecological diseases, etc. Bvlaser is a professional CO2 laser beauty machine factory manufacturer, we have dermatology CO2 laser machine for sale. CO2 laser gold standard gynecology is used to treat cervical erosion, cervical carcinoma in situ, cervical polyps and cervical cancer, inflammation and so on. Read More

  • Picosecond laser treatment is so magical


    Picosure focus laser treatment can remove freckles and rejuvenate the skin. So is picosecond laser treatment really so magical? Bvlaser is a professional CE certification picosecond laser machine factory manufacturer, we have best picosecond laser tattoo removal machine for sale. Cynosure picosure tattoo removal treatment can release a certain amount of laser energy in an ultra-short period of time. Read More

  • Is HIFU ultrasound skin tightening effective


    Everyone wants to have a youthful face. HIFU beauty machine can help you. Bvlaser is the best HIFU machine professional factory supplier, we have FDA approved HIFU machine for sale. HIFU high intensity focused ultrasound for face lifting treatment can stimulate the growth of the human body's own cells and tissues and the synthesis of subcutaneous collagen. Read More

  • Non-invasive cryolipolysis slimming machine for weight loss


    Cryolipolysis fat freeze slimming machine for weight loss is relatively faster and safer. Bvlaser is a professional 360 cryolipolysis machine factory manufacturer, we have portable cryolipolysis machine for sale. If you want to know portable cryolipolysis machine price, please contact us! Our sales manager will send you machine price and more information. Read More

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