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  • The cosmetic effects of CO2 laser


    The CO2 laser skin resurfacing machine is a common cosmetic treatment, commonly used for skin treatments such as mole removal, flat warts, acne pit scars and for facial rejuvenation such as wrinkle reduction, and is a minimally invasive laser treatment technique. Bvlaser is a dermatology CO2 laser machine factory manufacturer, we have portable CO2 fractional laser machine for sale. Read More

  • Is the picosecond laser effective


    Picosecond aesthetic laser is a cosmetic technique that uses light energy to be transmitted into the skin to adjust pigmentation, accelerate metabolism and tighten the skin. Bvlaser is a oem picosecond laser machine factory, we have picosecond laser tattoo removal machine for sale. The picosecond laser is a new cosmetic technology that has been welcomed by many people. Read More

  • The most effective laser hair removal machine for fast hair removal


    Medical grade laser hair removal machine has become a popular beauty treatment. Compared to traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal has gained a lot of attention. Bvlaser is a professional laser hair removal machine supplier, we have the best laser hair removal machine for clinic sale. If you want to know diode laser hair removal machine price, welcome inquiry! Read More

  • Cryolipolysis to eliminate unwanted fat and restore body contours


    With the advent of fat freeze cryolipolysis system technology, a new solution has emerged for people's health. Bvlaser is the best professional cryolipolysis machine supplier, we have cryolipolysis fat freezing slimming machine for sale. Cryolipolysis beauty equipment is a method of destroying fat cells using low temperatures by placing a freezer in the area of fat hoarding and freezing it at a temperature below that of the fat cells so that the fat cells are destroyed and gradually metabolised by the body. Read More

  • How long does it get effects after HIFU ultrasound machine treatment


    High intensity focused ultrasound HIFU treatment with oral acme atea-producing peptides can really lift and tighten, especially in improving the nasolabial folds, lifting the apples and making the jawline clear and firm. Bvlaser is the best HIFU machine professional factory supplier, we have FDA approved HIFU machine for sale. Read More

  • Best professional ipl machine for skin rejuvenation treatment


    IPL photorejuvenation machine is a highly technological skin rejuvenation programme. The principle used in IPL photorejuvenation is the selective absorption of light and the photothermal principle, and IPL intense pulsed light has a wide range of indications. Facial ageing, acne depressions, skin laxity and various pigmentation problems can be solved by IPL treatment. Bvlaser is a IPL beauty machine supplier, we have the best professional IPL machine for skin rejuvenation sale. Read More

  • The best CO2 fractional laser machine for skin


    The best CO2 fractional laser machine is a laser cosmetic technology with low radiation intensity and low damage to the human body. Bvlaser is a professional dermatology CO2 laser machine manufacturer, we have the best CO2 fractional laser machine for sale. Laser hair removal, laser whitening, laser tattoo removal and laser scar removal are some of the more popular cosmetic treatments. CO2 fractional laser is one of the most popular, it causes very little damage to the skin and has a wide range of applications to rejuvenate the face, eliminate wrinkles and remove various scars. Read More

  • Nd YAG laser for the aesthetic treatment of patients with pigmented skin disorders


    1064 Q switched Nd YAG laser has been widely used in clinical practice, using selective photothermal action as the theoretical basis for the non-invasive treatment of pigment-increasing dermatoses by selectively destroying skin melanocytes. Bvlaser is a Q switched ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine manufacturer, we have portable ND YAG laser for sale. Read More

  • Do you know about cryolipolysis fat freezing slimming machine?


    Cryolipolysis fat freezing slimming machine is a precise, safe and effective method of weight loss and cosmetic. It uses low temperature to freeze and solidify local fat and then metabolise. Bvlaser is the best professional cryolipolysis machine manufacturer, we have cryolipolysis body slimming machine for sale. The procedure of cryolipolysis fat freeze treatment can be divided into three stages: pre-treatment, surgical operation and post-operative care. Read More

  • The effects of laser tattoo removal


    Laser tattoo removal machine treatment is now the best treatment available for tattoo removal. Bvlaser is a professional laser tattoo removal machine factory, we have Q switched ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine for sale. Q switched ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine can be produced to achieve very short pulse durations and have peak energies above the continuous energy output. More and more lasers with shorter pulse durations are being developed with more precise target pigment destruction. Read More

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